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Without Prescription

Accutane is a drug that is usually prescribed for the treatment of severe acne if other medications and treating methods do not work.

Regarding taking this medicine, then it can be prescribed for treatment of the diseases, which are associated with skin reactions or can cause skin problems, which are not listed in the instructions for use.

Do not take the drug Accutane without consulting a doctor, as its action may cause serious side effects if used improperly or for some other purposes.

It is forbidden to take Accutane for pregnant women, as this may cause a risk of health problems for the unborn child. Accutane is also not recommended to be taken by women, who are breastfeeding, to avoid possible risks and reactions to the baby.

If you are planning to get pregnant during your treatment, then this medicine is not suitable for you, and the doctor will prescribe you another medication that does not affect pregnancy.

If you suddenly find out about your pregnancy during the treatment with Accutane, then you should immediately consult your doctor.

Method of Application

The medication should be used according to the instructions leaflet that comes with the medicine package. Accutane should be taken strictly following the doctor's recommendations.

The Accutane medication is a prescription drug. You must bring the prescription recipe to the drugstore and show it to the pharmacist within seven days after the doctor has prescribed this medicine to you. Commonly, the patient receives in the pharmacy the amount of medicine that is enough for 30 days of use.

Accutane capsules are taken whole with plenty of water. Before taking the medicine, it is recommended to prepare a full glass of water in order to drink it with the capsules. They do not need to be dissolved or chewed.

The drug should be taken according to the prescribed period of the treatment, regardless of its reaction to acne that you experience. Perhaps in the first days of taking the drug acne may worsen. This is quite a normal reaction, as with the continuation of their treatment the patients usually begin observing some improvement in their symptoms. You should not stop taking Accutane on your own without consulting a doctor if you observe acne worsening.

The correct dosage of the drug can only be set by the doctor. It depends on the intensity of the symptoms and the time of the treatment with Accutane.

How to Take

Sometimes during the treatment the patients need to take additional blood tests.

If for any reason you missed the planned medication intake, it is recommended to skip the forgotten dose and take the medicine, when it is time for the next dose intake. In no case take two doses of the drug simultaneously, as this can cause unpleasant consequences.

Never give your medicine to another person, even if he or she is experiencing the same symptoms as you.

Until you find out, how the medicine affects you, avoid dangerous activities and driving a car, as taking the drug sometimes causes visual impairment, which is especially observed at night.


If you took more medicine than was prescribed and felt unwell, then you should immediately seek medical help.

Overdose symptoms include: dizziness, impaired coordination, headache, lip swelling, vomiting, tingling and warmth in the face, abdominal pain.


Accutane should be stored in a dry, cool, dark place, inaccessible to children.