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Acne is a very unpleasant symptom that often prevents a person from following an active lifestyle and communicating freely with people around him because of embarrassment and hesitation. Sometimes people, who suffer from severe skin problems, become less self-confident and try to avoid any communication with society.

Many of them try taking a great number of medications, including alternative medicine, handmade masks and scrubs. However, in most cases, if the problem is very serious, then most drugs do not work and are turned to be useless.

Getting Accutane

One of the effective acne medications is the drug Accutane. It is a prescription drug, which can be purchased in pharmacies only according to the doctor’s prescription. This medicine effectively treats some kinds of acne, but has many contraindications and side effects, if it is used improperly.

You can get Accutane in a pharmacy according to the prescription recipe, got from your doctor. Therefore, in order to get the dug Accutane you need to visit a doctor so that he could determine the appropriate treatment.

Accutane is usually prescribed in cases, where other acne medications do not work. The patient will also need to have some tests, including a blood test.

If the problem is really serious and acne is very strong, then Accutane can be prescribed immediately, without trying any other medications.

Online Pharmacies

Some people order Accutane from online pharmacies, which start gaining popularity nowadays. This method is not safe, as most electronic pharmacies, which sell Accutane to people without a recipe, cannot guarantee that customers will receive an authentic and verified drug.

The use of Accutane without a doctor’s prescription can lead to unpleasant consequences. Taking this drug is prohibited to pregnant women, as well as the women, who are breastfeeding.

Patient’s Reviews

In order to receive a prescription for purchasing the drug Accutane, the patient's symptoms must be of certain criteria and have a certain degree of intensity and complexity, which can be determined only by a doctor.

How to Get

The patients, taking this medicine, note that Accutane was prescribed to them, when it was found that other drugs, including antibiotics, were not effective. Many of them noticed a significant improvement in their symptoms after beginning the therapy with Accutane. Many of them regret that they had not been prescribed this drug earlier.

Some patients had a continuous treatment with the drug and were very pleased with the results. They were able to cope with acne and get smooth and clean skin, which made their life happier.

The first step in fighting against skin problems should be a visit to a doctor, if the symptoms are really serious and cannot be treated by other medicines. Then, probably, after the examination, your doctor will prescribe Accutane to you.

It is important to follow all the doctor's recommendations on the use of the drug. At first, the patient may notice that acne worsens, but later, during the treatment, the symptoms will gradually improve and acne will begin disappearing.

You should inform your doctor about any changes in your health that you felt while taking the drug. If you experience serious side effects or feel unwell, then immediately seek medical help.

Tell the doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. In this case, Accutane can be dangerous for the unborn child and you will be prescribed another medication, which is not dangerous for pregnant women.