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Nowadays online medical products purchasing has gained wide popularity in many countries. However, medical specialists all over the world are anxious about this fact, since many drugs have serious contraindications that are not listed on some sites, selling medications. A controversial issue is also the authenticity of online medicines.

The drug Accutane is widely used to treat severe acne if other ways of treatment do not help.


A research, aimed at studying online pharmacies that sell Accutane in the UK, was conducted. The purpose of the study was to analyze the information about the drug, which was published by the Internet sites, as well as confirm or refute the safety of buying drugs online.

The study involved 50 electronic pharmacies. They were checked for authentication logos, procurement methods and the authenticity of the sold drugs.

Online Purchasing

The first 8 online pharmacies sold Accutane to the patients, who did not have a special prescription. They did not require registration on the site. They also had different billing addresses. It was enough to indicate the buyer’s email address and delivery address. Some resources allow their users to buy a certain number of Accutane capsules, but in many online pharmacies the minimum number of capsules was 30.

Getting the Medicine

The experts ordered the Accutane medication from 8 electronic pharmacies; however, the orders were delivered just from 7 online pharmacies.

One of the selected companies turned out to be fraudulent and the order was blocked.

Some resources did not require filling out a patient’s medical questionnaire, while others had a compulsory clause on filling out a medical questionnaire about the patient.

None of the seven orders were placed in a separate box or shipping container, but two medications were packed in a bubble wrap. All medicines were sent by post.

Accutane Online

Drug Analysis

As for the authenticity and quality of the drugs that were obtained for analysis and compared with the authentic Accutane medicine, none of them has passed the identification test successfully. The shelf life of all drugs was within normal limits.


Before buying any medicine in an online store, the patient should find out more information about the online pharmacy he or she chooses. It is also important to understand that, when buying Accutane in any online pharmacy, you are not insured against the fact that the drug that you receive by post may be a fake.

Also not all online pharmacies publish complete information about the drug Accutane, its action, side effects and contraindications. It is important that not all online resources provide the users with important information about the risks that pregnant women, using Accutane, may face. Actually, Accutane is contraindicated to pregnant women, women planning a pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers.

Doctors should inform patients about the consequences of buying drugs online, especially when it concerns serious prescription drugs, if they are purchased without medical supervision.

As a result of the study, not all drugs purchased online were authenticated and effective. So, buying Accutane in electronic pharmacies, the patient may receive another drug instead of the claimed medicine without realizing it.

Accutane has serious contraindications. It can only be prescribed by a doctor and purchased according to the doctor’s prescription. Therefore, ordering it in an online pharmacy, the patient exposes his health to a potential risk.